Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the first Reggio-Emilia inspired pre-k program in Bethesda-Chevy Chase and give parents a fresh pre-k alternative for their children.

Inspired by the internationally acclaimed Reggio-Emilia teaching philosophy created in Italy, Chevy Chase Reggio's program is tailored for toddlers and pre-k children.

Numerous international awards have helped recognize Reggio-Emilia as the best teaching environment for a child's first out-of-home learning experience. Our philosophy embraces the natural curiosity and imagination of children to inspire within them a lifelong excitement to learn.

At Chevy Chase Reggio, we believe passionately that learning should be an adventure. Your child's experience is bounded only by his or her imagination and dreams.

Our curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, which encourages young children and their teachers to explore, question, and discover in a stimulating environment. We aim to provide warm, safe and nurturing environment which will cultivate children's optimal social and emotional growth as well as their physical and intellectual skills.
Our program lays the foundation for your child's lifelong skills as a learner, teaching them how to:

We hold the following beliefs and values:

CHILDREN ARE. . . capable learners who thrive in an vibrant curriculum. We value teachers who support a child's creative exploration.

able communicators who gain understanding through active learning. We value children's expression through a variety of media.

social beings embedded within a family, community, and culture. We value the involvement of family and community members in the life of our school.

part of a community of learners. We value the inspiration of our children's continuing adventures and the opportunity they provide for community reflection.

OUR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. . . is safe, healthy, and nurturing. We value our physical environment and the role it plays in developing our sense of community, well-being and opportunities for learning.

fosters play. We value play as a means of developmentally appropriate learning. Play encourages independence and offers the opportunity to explore in a setting that has been thoughtfully established for this purpose.

documents our beliefs. We value our environment as a canvas for documenting ideas, emotions and development.

OUR COMMUNITY CONSISTS OF. . . qualified, compassionate faculty. We value professional development and the implementation of the best current practices in early childhood education.

parents, faculty, staff and children. We value open, continuous communication among our collaborative partners.

the town of Chevy Chase, the preschools of Reggio Emilia, and people everywhere who are interested in high-quality educational experiences for young children.

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